Overview of µFunctional Solutions

complex plastic microstructures

CDA is a recognized leader for the manufacture of complex plastic microstructures. In recent years, CDA has modified traditional injection molding techniques and developed its own patented processes to successfully accomplish mass production of microfluidic and micro-optical elements. By combining its core competencies in high-volume fabrication of precise polymer microstructures, vast technical engineering knowledge and flexibility in production, CDA has achieved success in several rapidly developing fields of microstructure applications.

continuously reducing cost while improving performance

Strong economic drivers – continuously reducing cost while also improving performance – has enabled CDA to position itself as a cost-effective supplier of microstructured components. The general trend in miniaturizing components and replacing traditionally used materials such as glass and silicon by polymers is resulting in significantly lower costs per unit. Further advantages, such as reduced time to market, are achieved through flexible production processes and a fully integrated infrastructure.

high quality management

CDA’s commitment to quality management is essential in servicing its clients, as evidenced by quality assurance measures that continuously monitor accurate process performance throughout the entire production cycle. Every manufacturing step is undertaken in-house: mastering, molding, fabrication, separation and final packaging.


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