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SpectroNet Cross-clustering Collaboration Forum: Dr. Volker Lerche enriched the Jena symposium.


Two days dedicated to innovation: the SpectroNet Cross-clustering Collaboration Forum took place on August 26 and 27, 2015. Under the heading „Innovative Applications of Light with Photonic Micro Sensors 4.0 and Digital Image Processing”, numerous speakers presented the latest developments in the area of photonic micro sensors with digital image processing for dimensional, color, spectral and hyperspectral measurement applications and quality assurance in industry, biology/medicine, environment and security.

On the very first conference day, Dr. Volker Lerche, Managing Engineer at CDA, spoke about “Microstructures in polymers for analytical measurements“. To the audience of experts, he presented CDA’s µFunctional Solutions and their performance potential in the sensitive areas of micro-optics, microfluidics and printed electronics. Dr. Lerche described individual products, innovative combinations of different technologies and, of course, specific fields of application – from structured light patterns to the projection of a virtual keyboard, from microstructures for cell growth to printed conductive paths  for signal transmission.

Would you like to learn more about the above-mentioned topics and the service spectrum of CDA µFunctional Solutions? Simply direct all your questions to Dr. Volker Lerche at

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