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Custom printed wave guides

For more than 10 years now, CDA GmbH has been offering microfluidic and microoptic components with
printed electronic components. Based on this technology, CDA’s
specialists have now expanded the limits of what is possible yet further. CDA is now
able to manufacture wave guides or diffusors that incorporate this technology.

CDA offers its customers a comprehensive high-end technology portfolio for the development and manufacture
of μ-functional systems in the spheres of microfluidic systems and optical components. CDA has
now expanded its product range to include printed wave guides and diffusors, into which light is directed
from the side and then precisely emitted via a modified surface area. LEDs and also laser diodes are used
as the light sources. The emission patterns are set by the design of the surface’s structures. In this manner, it
is possible to manufacture illuminated areas and diffusors that are tylor made to the customer request.

These types of components are often used for decorative purposes or for illuminating
displays on technical instruments. They also have applications in the life science field. For example, specimens
on microscopic slides can be selectively illuminated. This technology enables the generation of
structural lines with widths from 100μm, or dots with a diameter of 0.1mm. And by using combinations of
various different monochromatic light sources
(for example RGB), it is also possible to emit combinations of colours.

The special feature of CDA’s approach is the integrated method of construction, which unifies all functions
within the smallest space. With its new wave guides, CDA offers its customers a further foundation upon
which to manufacture individually integrated products from the fields of microoptics and microfluidics in a
manner that is cost effective.

Kundenspezifische gedruckte Lichtleiter.jpg

Printed wave guides (RGB white light schematic)

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