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CDA at Compamed Dusseldorf - Focus on Slides and Printed Wave Guides

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Even small things can change the world. Microfluidics is one of them, as demonstrated by the great level of interest shown in CDA's products at COMPAMED in Dusseldorf, November 12-14, the leading international trade fair for suppliers of medical products and solutions with more than 700 exhibitors. In addition to CDA's established range of products, innovations such as structured slides and custom-printed wave guides were presented to some 130,000 visitors from 120 countries. The micro-structured plastic slides offer a high optical quality and are a robust and cost-effective alternative to glass. The custom-printed wave guides couple light in a desired direction and shape from a light beam and are, for example, used as backlighting for viewing or for selective illumination of samples on slides. Facts that show that innovative solutions in medicine and biotechnology will not only be smaller, but also less expensive, safer and more reliable in the future.

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