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Medical Manufacturing Asia

CDA strengthens its position in the growing Asian market


From September 9th – 11th, CDA participated in the Medical Manufactur-ing Asia trade fair in Singapore. More than 500 exhibitors from 30 nations displayed the complete process chain for medical technological components at the international fair for medical technology, which is seen as a hub for the south-east Asian market. Alongside immediate bedside diagnostics as well as high-tech developments from the micro and nanotechnology, optics and photonics were the highlights of the fair.

Mikrokopplatten3.jpg Mikrokopplatten4.jpg

Singapore presented itself as a wonderful host. The well-known, innovative south-east Asian city has become a preferred site for many specialist clinics, through its support for medical research. CDA presented innovative solutions and products in the region of Lab-on-Chip for Point-of-Care diagnostics and its structured microscope slides, which resulted in a great interest from not only local visitors but also international visitors. “We can score well with international visitors by our innovative solutions, as well as strengthening our position in the Asian region. Our existing customer contacts in Singapore and south-east Asia could be expanded due to the high quality and well-visited trade fair.”, said CDA’s Managing Director Dr Nicolaus Hettler, who was very pleased with the trade fair’s results.

The Medical Manufacturing Asia takes place every two years. All information relevant to the fair can be found under:

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