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Successful development for OEM: CDA new part of the Company.

Unterzeichnung_OEM_CDA.jpgMore inspiration, more innovation, more future: OEM is on a path of success.  The acquisition of the German Company CDA will facilitate access to new future markets.

OEM has acquired the German Company CDA GmbH, a manufacturer of optical storage media, as well as a leader in the field of polymer based micro‐optic elements.

CDA GmbH is one of the largest independent manufacturers of optical storage media in Europe and has in recent years evolved to become the leading European replicator of chip-­‐based storage devices in the automotive sector.  In addition, CDA has successfully established itself in the market as a manufacturer of components with micro structures; a new market segment with significant potential, especially in the application of sensors for gesture control.

As the company CEO, Ray Zerrusen announced that this acquisition creates many benefits for all stakeholders.  The excellent market position of CDA in the new business areas of Flash Media Solutions and Microfunctional Solutions enables OEM to immediately venture into these attractive new market segments of Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Technology.

With the growth into these new market segments there will be additional employment positions to be filled.  OEM’s core business will continue to exist in its entirety and it will furthermore be supported to expand in the European sector by CDA’s distributional structure.

CDA’s CEO and Media Tech Association Chairman Frank Hartwig and Managing Director Dr. Nicolaus Hettler will lead the OEM European operations based in Suhl, Germany.

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