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Reach your destination fast and safe all over the world: with CDA Flash Media

CDA is one of the leading producers of optical data carriers worldwide. For many years, it has been using its know-how for flashing SD cards, as well. What hardly anyone knows: CDA's storage cards travel around the globe in numerous cars and vehicles. That is because CDA delivers storage media for navigation systems to renowned automobile manufacturers. Our customers include OEMs, 1st tier and 2nd tier. Wherever precise navigation is needed, CDA's components do their job reliably.

More than 10 years of experience in the automobile industry

Our customers can choose from different storage sizes between 4 GB and 16 GB. A lot of manufacturers have been convinced by CDA's huge advantage: We offer real all-in-one service, from data transmission via production and packaging up to last mile distribution.

Thanks to our numerous production capabilities, we are flexible in reacting to our customers' requests. Our more than 10-year experience in the automobile sector and our extensive quality management system – certified according to the ISO as well as the TS 16949 standard of the automobile industry – make CDA a reliable partner for long-term relationships.

So, next time you hear "You have reached your destination", it could well be that this message has been stored on a CDA SD card.

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