What is microoptics?

Micro-optics involves often sensing or manipulating optical signals on a very small scale using integrated mechanical, optical and electrical systems. Key elements in these systems are micro-optical elements, these being similar to the classical optical components but with drastically reduced dimensions.

CDA has modified its injection molding techniques and developed completely new processes to successfully accomplish mass production of various micro-optical elements. The structure sizes range from 50 nm to 250 micrometers.

By combining its core competencies in high volume fabrication of precise polymer microstructures, vast technical engineering knowledge and flexibility in production, CDA has achieved success in the rapidly developing field of micro-optics.

Markets we serve

Application areas of microoptics are:

  • Machine vision
  • Optical sensors
  • Automation
  • Illumination application
  • Surveillance and recognition applications
  • Metrology and measurement solutions for
    • 3D measurements
    • distance and postion calculations
    • Temperature and visual inspection measurements
  • Fiber optic connectors


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