µPESI = An intelligent disc with best references 

The Medium-Sized Business Initiative of Huber Publishing House for New Media annually awards a prize to the best industrial solutions. In 2013, the Diagnosis Disc – a joint project with some of CDA's partners – has made it onto the much coveted list of top industries. 

The importance of lab-on-a-chip and intelligent embedded diagnostic systems for applications in medicine, eco technologies or life science is growing steadily. CDA's one of the leading manufacturers of these complex systems. A Diagnosis Disc made of polycarbonate, which was developed in a joint project with a Finnish partner, has now entered the Medium-Sized Business Initiative's Top Industry List 2013 in the category of biotechnologies.

The polycarbonate Diagnosis Disc contains 60 individual chips as well as a number of printed conductive tracks. Its integrated microstructural components do not only guarantee a cost-efficient production process, but they also offer a number of additional functionalities. By intelligently combining different technologies, the disc is highly suitable for mass application, e.g. in medicine or eco technologies. 

What the Finnish Think Tank had already invented has been complemented and driven to marketability with some new ideas of CDA as part of the project. The company from Suhl has thus proven once again to be one of the most progressive companies in the field of biotechnologies whose products are sought after all over the world. 

The Huber Publishing House for New Media's initiative does not only award the Top Industry Prize every year. Its Top Industry List actually shows the most innovative ideas and solutions in its 15 categories. As a navigator for industrial decisions, the Top Industry List is an important criterion whenever and wherever decisions are made on orders to be placed.


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